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The Record

Here are the tracks on the album. There are 30 second samples of each.

If you like what you hear let me know, or just click on the disk and order one today.

Make sure to check out the News & Shows section for where I'm going to be playing soon.

Thanks for listening.

Stores carrying the CD:
  • All A&B Sound locations and HMV locations across Canada.
  • Megatunes, Hotwax and Karma Local Arts House here in Calgary.
  • In Edmonton, Southside Sound, and soundconnection carry the disc.
  • My distributor is Festival Distribution out of Vancouver
You can also buy the CD online at:
You'll Know When Johnny Love Je T'aime Comin Home I Need Wheels Nice Fella The Dance of Love Cryin On My Knees Doolin to Tralee White Cross Highway His Mama's Face

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